2023/12/09 00:59 UTC Update

Cancellations Bot ยท 00:59 Saturday, 9 December 2023

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New Cancellations

Event Country Date Cancellation Note
Aviemore parkrun United Kingdom 2023-12-09 Sheet ice across parts of trail. Ok for penguins
Castlewellan parkrun United Kingdom 2023-12-09 Council has closed park due to weather warnings
Gilloolys parkrun South Africa 2023-12-09 Another event taking place at the venue.
Port Augusta parkrun Australia 2023-12-09 Weather
Riemer parkrun Germany 2023-12-09 Weather
Thurso parkrun United Kingdom 2023-12-09 Weather
Victoria parkrun, Truro Canada 2023-12-09 Course unsafe or blocked
Westpark parkrun Germany 2023-12-09 Course unsafe or blocked
Arklow Duck Pond junior parkrun Ireland 2023-12-10 Shortage of volunteers
Wisbech junior parkrun United Kingdom 2023-12-10 Attempted break in and can't access the equipment

Cancellations Removed

Event Country Date Previous Cancellation Note
Gilloolys parkrun South Africa 2023-12-09 Due to the illegal invasion of a political party E

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