2022/04/01 18:27 UTC Update

Cancellations Bot ยท 18:27 Friday, 1 April 2022

New Cancellations

Event Country Date Cancellation Note
Frickley Country parkrun United Kingdom 2022-04-02 Lack of volunteers
Hogsback parkrun South Africa 2022-04-02 Restarts 16 April 2022
Leazes parkrun United Kingdom 2022-04-02 Insufficient volunteers
Loxton parkrun South Africa 2022-04-02 Due to heavy rains the route is partly under water
New Earswick parkrun United Kingdom 2022-04-02 informed by owner to cancel due to recent weather
Offenthal parkrun Germany 2022-04-02 Due to adverse weather conditions
Ventersburg parkrun South Africa 2022-04-02 Wet and hazardous

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