2022/02/25 15:22 UTC Update

Cancellations Bot · 15:22 Friday, 25 February 2022

New Cancellations

Event Country Date Cancellation Note
Amsterdamse Bos parkrun Netherlands 2022-02-26 Stormschade in het Bos
Berrinba parkrun Australia 2022-02-26 Large sections of the course are flooded
Bicester parkrun United Kingdom 2022-02-26 Massive tree still blocking the route.
Bundaberg parkrun Australia 2022-02-26 park being used as entrance to local fever clinic
Cleveland parkrun Australia 2022-02-26 Course flooded and paths unsafe
Duffins Trail parkrun Canada 2022-02-26 The trail is sheer ice and potentially dangerous.
Dømmesmoen parkrun Norway 2022-02-26 Ice on course.
Ecco Ripley parkrun Australia 2022-02-26 Advice from authorities, local road flooding
Haga parkrun Sweden 2022-02-26 Väldigt isigt på banan
Highfields parkrun Australia 2022-02-26 wet weather and track will be unsafe
Ipswich QLD parkrun Australia 2022-02-26 Advice from authorities - stay home - flash floods
New York Central Fitness Trail parkrun Canada 2022-02-26 Poor trail conditions
Pallara parkrun Australia 2022-02-26 Local flooding due to severe weather event.
Peel parkrun United Kingdom 2022-02-26 Storm damage in park - tree on route
Sippo Lake parkrun United States 2022-02-26 Dangerous ice on course
York parkrun United Kingdom 2022-02-26 Course is flooded

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