2022/02/10 12:23 UTC Update

Cancellations Bot · 12:23 Thursday, 10 February 2022

New Cancellations

Event Country Date Cancellation Note
Hirono kaigankoen parkrun Japan 2022-02-12 公園管理者から、「まん延防止措置重点期間中のイベント中止要請」があったため
Kungsängen parkrun Sweden 2022-02-12 Isigt på banan
Lorne Beach parkrun Australia 2022-02-12 Carnival events
Nagaragawa koen parkrun Japan 2022-02-12 まん延防止等重点措置により、イベントを中止します。
Puolarmaari parkrun Finland 2022-02-12 Potentially icy tracks and course used for skiing
Tøyen parkrun Norway 2022-02-12 Icy paths still
Whitley Bay parkrun United Kingdom 2022-02-12 More space taken for the works on Watts Slope

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