2022/02/04 01:07 UTC Update

Cancellations Bot · 01:07 Friday, 4 February 2022

New Cancellations

Event Country Date Cancellation Note
Bear Creek Greenbelt parkrun United States 2022-02-05 Ice on trails/bridges, low temp forecast
Chuo koen parkrun Japan 2022-02-05 岩手県内コロナ感染者拡大のため
Fulham Palace parkrun United Kingdom 2022-02-05 Construction works to resurface tarmac paths
Hondajima parkrun Japan 2022-02-05 降雪によるコース及び道路の不良が見込まれるため
Huddinge parkrun Sweden 2022-02-05 Is på banan
Ohio and Erie Canal Reservation parkrun United States 2022-02-05 Ice on the trail and very frigid temperatures.
Petrie parkrun Australia 2022-02-05 Due to the dam release but SEQ Water
The Grand Canal Way parkrun, Tullamore Ireland 2022-02-05 Due to recent events, parkrun will not go ahead.
parkrun Korolev Russia 2022-02-05 Рост заболеваемости Covid-19 в Королёве

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