2022/01/21 18:23 UTC Update

Cancellations Bot · 18:23 Friday, 21 January 2022

New Cancellations

Event Country Date Cancellation Note
Brierley Forest parkrun United Kingdom 2022-01-22 Lack of volunteers & no available RD
Dømmesmoen parkrun Norway 2022-01-22 Snow & ice on course.
Mansfield OH parkrun United States 2022-01-22 Icy Trail
Ohio and Erie Canal Reservation parkrun United States 2022-01-22 Ice on the the trail and very cold temperatures.
Parc parkrun United Kingdom 2022-01-22 Local Covid restrictions
Rugby parkrun United Kingdom 2022-01-22 Unable to fill volunteer roster
Sippo Lake parkrun United States 2022-01-22 Extreme cold and poor trail conditions (snow).
Ventersburg parkrun South Africa 2022-01-22 Wet and hazardous
parkrun Mega Park Kudrovo Russia 2022-01-22 Отсутствие команды для проведения мероприятия.
Stratford-upon-Avon Rec junior parkrun United Kingdom 2022-01-23 Groundworks on the Rec - key paths unusable

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