New Support for Special Events

Josh Brunning · 09:35 Monday, 3 January 2022

Over the holiday period, I’ve been working on making minor improvements to the code to allow for special events to be better supported on the map. So I’m pleased to announce that the website now supports parkruns having cancellations on days other than Saturdays1 and that more than one cancellation per week will now be shown in the event details box. For example:

While this doesn’t mean that the difference will be visible on the map (yet), I hope that showing this will be helpful. In the future, I am planning to show cancellations that are on other days of the week in another colour, but this will take a bit more work to implement than I currently have time for.

Another little thing you may have noticed: the little line of text showing what dates cancellations are being shown for, also now supports more than two days.

  1. They did before but they weren’t shown any differently - i.e., only the earliest cancellation reason was shown, and not any subsequent ones 

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